BLADE is excited to announce that we are the first in the valley to use NUKE-X. It's state-of-the-art node-based composting software that allows artists working on projects such as Avatar and Tron, the tools to create the highest quality effects and finish in high dynamic range (HDRI).  It is programming based, which means it's much more flexible and allows for a collaborative workflow and an integrated 3D environment. Our team, headed by Gabriel and Daniel, has just completed a project for the Arizona Lottery via E.B. Lane on NUKE-X and it proved to be a powerful compositing tool.

What does this mean to you?  It means that our artists have greater freedom, enabling them to tackle complex compositing challenges in new and efficient ways.  It also allows them a platform to work interactively, bringing speed, functionality and flexibility to projects.

Better Product + More Control + Faster Work flow = Savings to Clients


Ninety percent of our clients have signed up for Blade Vault and it has become a big winner.  We sent out an email explaining the advantages of this new media library system in August of 2011. Many of you jumped on board, with a couple of you still sitting on the fence.  Let me tell you the grass is indeed greener on the other side!  You, your colleagues', and clients will love this tool. Blade Vault has several major benefits:
  • Fully indexed search functions that can be adapted to include search terms that your clients use, as well as for your own internal purposes.
  • Downloadable formats for sharing your content with new and existing clients.
  • A customizable interface.
  • Fully functioning project amendment, approval and sign off system in one place that will allow you to log internal and external sign off of each project at every stage.
  •  Centrally administered customizable login and security permissions for each user.


Blade is offering all clients that sign exclusively with us to do all your traffic, AMAZING rates for HD & SD electronic traffic delivery via DG Systems. If you’re interested in finding out more about our offer please contact Louise for more information.

Your Clients will love the savings.